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Nava Group

Nava Technologies, founded in 2019, based in Greensboro, NC is the Sales and Service division of Quimica Nava for North America, covering the NAFTA zone of the US, Canada and Mexico.

Quimica Nava, a privately held organization based in Lima Peru, is the head of a major industrial Italian-Peruvian group consisting of 5 companies and has 136 employees. Our Group has over 30 years’ experience serving the textile and specialty chemical sector in South and Central America, with manufacturing facilities on both continents.

Offering industry specialized solutions and chemical products to all segments for the ennoblement process of fibers, fabrics and garments to textile companies mainly in the Americas.

Quimica Nava consists of 5 companies,

each specialized in


Chemical Manufacturing

Quimica Nava Peru
Quimica Nava El Salvador
G&G Nava Peru

Quality Control


North American Sales, Service and Distribution

Nava Technologies

Our Team

Our team of experts has deep textile manufacturing experience and problem-solving abilities, we offer our customers in depth process analysis and process improvement solutions that improve quality and reduce cost. As well, we offer environmentally friendly chemical processes, that yield better quality, reduce energy consumption, and improve effluent quality going to waste water. We can help you run higher quality, reduce costs, with higher through put.


To be the most reliable and agile industrial supplier and manufacturer in the region, ranging form the manufacturing and distribution of products to offering personalized technical service. We provide effective solutions to the everyday problems of our customers and collaborate to optimize processes, generating value through time saving, cost reduction and the reduction of the environmental impact of our operations.


Our business is based on three main pillars: quality, technical support tailored for each customer and innovation.



Based in our modern competencies, equipment, and reliability, which guarantee consistency in processes and accuracy in the final characteristics of the products, which is reflected in the loyalty and recognition of our customers.


Technical Support

It is a fundamental part of our business philosophy with our customers, with whom we establish a relationship based on the exchange of knowledge to solve their production problems, speed up their process, and reduce costs and countless more benefits that translate into efficiency, savings and responsible environmental stewardship.



Proposing new ideas is essential to overcome manufacturing difficulties and to optimize our customers’ processes, with whom we keep in close contact to understand their needs in depth.

Our knowledge in all kinds of natural and man-made fibers, as well as woven and knitted goods allows us to contribute in all stages of the textile production chain.