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Sustainable chemistry, and method for dyeing polyester. The Levelen Fast Dye method has proven itself in South and Central America in the last 15 months, having dyed well over 20,000,000 pounds of goods for premium Global Brands.

Polyester Pounds Produced

Gallons of Water Saved

Pounds of CO₂ Saved


Levelen Fast Dye Method 

Levelen Fast Dye Method has been designed from the ground up to be an environmentally and sustainably sound method of dyeing polyester, that when combined with reclaimed polyester fiber provides a truly sustainable polyester product from beginning to end, and able to compete and beat natural fibers in terms of actual carbon footprint, and environmental impact.


Benefits of the LEVELEN System: 

  • Bluesign approved chemistry
  • Reduced water consumption of up to 55 %
  • Reduced energy consumption 50 %
  • Reduced dyeing process time by 50 to 65%
  • Improved dye fastness
  • Improved shade repeatability
  • Increased dye utilization resulting in cleaner wastewater
  • Compatible with all disperse dye classes
  • Simplified dye process
  • Reduced chemicals in bath by up to 60%
  • Increased product yield from 1 to 1 ½ %
  • Superior product appearance
  • Factory wet process capacity can be doubled without expanding boiler and water systems.

Levelen Fast Dye Method 

LEVELEN F-DYE is a new development that revolutionizes the process for the dyeing of PES with disperse dyes.

The traditional method of dyeing polyester relies on a slow temperature gradient of 1 to 2 degrees Fahrenheit per minute heating to avoid agglomerations and achieve a level dyeing.

The Levelen system revolutionizes the polyester dyeing process by combining all necessary chemistries into Two products, and works best with a heating gradient between 9° F and 18° F rendering clean, high fastness, level dyeings Requiring minimal clean up

LEVELEN F-DYE allows to achieve good even colours even with difficult dyes or trichromies.


Levelen Fast Dye Method 

LEVELEN F-DYE acts by retaining the dyes until the dyeing critical temperature is reached, at almost 265°F (130°C), releasing them slowly when the material is physically homogeneous and with equal temperature on its surface.

LEVELEN F-DYE confers these advantages:

  •  substantial reduction of dyeing process time
  • level dyeings
  • oligomer reduction
  • energy saving
  • water saving

Levelen Fast Dye Process Factory Compatibility

Will the Levelen Fast Dye Process work in my Factory?

 In most cases the answer is a resounding YES, however there are details that need to be reviewed to ensure the factory equipment, and infrastructure are compatible.